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Recipe Chili Crab Pasta

Recipe Chili Crab Pasta

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Recipe : Chili Crab Pasta 

  • Preparation time : 15 minutes 
  • Cooking time : 15 minutes 
  • Total servings : 4 pax 


Pasta (angel hair or spaghetti) - 1 packet 

For Crab: 

Flower Crabs - 500 gm 

Turmeric powder - 1 tablespoon 

Salt - 1 tablespoon 

Cooking oil for frying

For the sauce: 

Shallots - 2 buds (to blend)

Garlic - 4 cloves (to blend)             

Ginger - 3cm (to blend) 

Lemongrass - 2 sticks

Galangal - 2cm 

Chili sauce - 3 tablespoons

Tomatoes sauce/ketchup - 2 tablespoons

Oyster sauce - 1 tablespoon 

Fish sauce - 1 teaspoon 

Sesame oil - 1 teaspoon 

Coriander - 1 stalk 

Lemon leaves - 3 leaves 

Salt - to taste 

Sugar - to taste 

White pepper - to taste 

Egg - 1 

Water - ½ cup 


  1. First boil the pasta until ‘Al Dante’ (please refer to the packaging package for the cooking period). Lift, pour water and pass in running water. Set it aside.
  2. Mix the crab with turmeric powder and salt.
  3. Heat the oil in a wok and fry the crabs until golden yellow. Lift and set aside.
  4. Then, in the same wok, reduce the frying oil to half a cup only.
  5. Saute the chopped ingredients with the coriander root until fragrant. Make sure to always stir.
  6. Add chili sauce, tomato sauce, oyster sauce and a little water. Stir and leave for a while.
  7. Season with salt, sugar and white pepper.
  8. After that, add the lemon leaves, fish sauce and sesame oil.
  9. Slow down the heat, add in the crab followed by the eggs. Mix well.
  10. Finally add the pasta with the coriander leaves. Stir well and ready to serve.

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