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The Company 
Founded in 2018, what started off as a lunchtime gossip, sharing of passion between group of friends, has evolved into a full-fledged company focusing on creating the most innovative and trendy cookware worthy of every loving mother in Malaysia.

Our Inspiration 
Inspired by South East Asia’s melting pot of multi-cultures, traditions, and its unique yet exquisite culinary delights, Aurasia embodies the Asian essence with its blend of Asian influences fused into its repertoire of innovative kitchenware.

Endorsed by Chef Dr Kamarul Hasni  
Endorsed and embraced by renowned award-winning Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Chef Dr Kamarul Hasni. With his 20 years of experience in culinary industry, Chef Dr Kamarul has contributed his knowledge in numerous television cooking programs, cookbooks, magazines and product ambassadorship.


 Our Mission

Bringing innovation to the modern kitchenware industry, preserving the legacy of traditional Asian elements that has transcended across multiple generations, through our products which come to symbolize our brand essence. We want to help Malaysian parents foster stronger family bonding through our innovative and quality houseware products that inspire them to cook every day. As the saying goes “People who eat together, stay together


 Our Vision

That every person should fall in love with home cooked meal, embracing the one true love that only a home cooked meal can deliver.

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